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Kimino Town Wakayama Prefecture "A town with zero foreign vi

Foreign visitors arriving at Kansai international airport. Foreign visitors per year : 12,000,000 Foreign visitors in hard-to-reach Koyasan Foreign visitors per year : 76,000 But… It takes 1 hour to get to Kimino from KIX or Koyasan by car. Foreign visitors per year : 0 Do you think anyone will EVER visit Kimino? ★Spots that appear in movies★ ■Kiminōka http://kiminoka.com ■Kura to Kuri ~Farm-fresh vegetarian cooking~ http://kuratokuri.wixsite.com/share ■Nokami Elementary School http://www.nokamies.town.kimino.wakay… ■Oishi Highland http://www.kimino.jp/oishi/index.html ■Misato Observatory http://www.obs.jp ■Ueminami ~Traditional accommodations, one party per day~ http://ueminami.web.fc2.com/ ■kajika-sou Spa http://niunomiyako.com/ ★Other information about Kimino Town★ ―――――――――...

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